Autumn Arrives: A Leafy Look

autumn leavesSo, we just came home from a two-week vacation to Florida – actually, we were there for a wedding. Good times with a lot of family. While we were gone, summer turned into autumn, my favorite time of year.

Before we left, I had a friend gel my nails… I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and not being away from home and unable to give myself a manicure for two weeks seemed like a great time to try out this polish that was supposed to last for 10-14 days. And oh, did it! Plus, I had the added benefit of gaining some serious length on my nails. They were protected and didn’t chip, didn’t scratch, didn’t do anything but look good for almost two weeks. The drawback – getting them off my nails when we got home. They had barely started to lift on the edges and it was almost impossible to not pick at them – but I had been warned: DON’T.

So, anyway, after soaking and soaking and soaking in acetone, then soaking and scraping some more, I finally had my nails back. Well, sort of. They were obviously damaged… but intact. And longer than I had ever had them before. I was sure I would break one within the week but they lasted remarkably well and actually seemed healthier than before! I actually ended up cutting them down because I felt like they were too long. They kept getting in the way when I’d type and they just weren’t comfortable at this length. But, I kept them for a few manicures before I did.

So it was the first of November when we got back home and autumn was in full swing. It was time to break out the oranges, browns, golds and metallics and get to work on some seasonal nails. Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?

Polishes Used:
Gold Glitter: Pure Ice, Studette
Copper: Pure Ice, Magic


Plates Used:

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