Fall Colors: A Gorgeous Mashup

fall colorsI saw this technique on Pinterest where you dab a bunch of colors on your nail, then squish it down with a piece of plastic, and voila! You have a cool blend of colors. Guess what – it works!! I picked out some fall-looking polish colors and gave it a go. I really thought there was no way it was going to work. It was just too easy – nothing with nail polish or nail art is that easy, right? But I was wrong. I love the final look. This is waaaay easier than the notoriously difficult watermarbling technique which I have been trying to master for some time now.

The orange in this manicure, Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, I didn’t think I’d ever find a use for. It is SO bright and so very orange. (It makes me think of Harley Davidson!) But in this application, it’s perfect. All three of these polishes have a little bit of subtle sparkle to them. I think it adds to the “magic” associated with fall and the look I’m going for here. I can’t get over how well this turned out. It makes me think of a pile of colorful leaves. And pumpkins. And hot cocoa. And that crisp fall air that tells you cold weather is coming soon. Yes indeed, fall is my favorite season.

This isn’t the first day of wear for this manicure – I couldn’t seem to find a time to get outside to capture a good photo in daylight the first day. The colors just don’t look right in the inside lighting – the “sparkle” disappears under the office florescent lighting. So, it’s a little rugged on the edges… but the colors! Love those autumn colors.

Polishes Used:
Pure Ice, Magic
Sinful Colors, Courtney Orange
Sinful Colors, All About You

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