Thanksgiving 2015 Manicure: Neutral and Natural

neutral and natural thanksgiving 2015Here’s my mani for Thanksgiving 2015. Some people go for watermarbled turkeys for Thanksgiving. Some want pumpkin pie nails. Some go for a blast of abstract color. Me? Not so much. I wanted subtle. I wanted neutral. Something that would last a few days without showing the chips and wear while we visited with family, cooked, and did dishes… and this color (and stamp) definitely fit the bill. It lasted all through the weekend before I needed to change it up – which I was ready to do anyway.

The base color is from Sally Hansen; Making Mauves. It is a very neutral sheer and I applied two coats. You can see in the photo the coverage is none too opaque. The stamping polish is on old one, no longer in production. I picked it up when I worked for Afterthoughts – now the Icing – an accessories store found in many mall across America. It’s called Mica and is a tiny little mini bottle of neutral shimmery goodness. It must be 15 years old now.

I had to get right in the sunlight to capture the stamp as it didn’t show up in regular indoor lighting very well – and it wasn’t till I was editing this photo I realized what a poor job I did cleaning up and moisturizing my cuticles before the photo shoot. I must do better next time! Wow that looks bad. Don’t look!

So, here’s my neutral, tone-on-tone, soft brown, Thanksgiving manicure. Very pretty, and very suitable for a professional environment. It’s totally me and Inspired by Oooh Shinies who’s nail designs I absolutely adore.

Polishes Used:
Stamp color – old bottle of Icing’s Attitudes called Mica.

Plates Used:

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