Little Brown Owl

Little brown owl. We have owls in our backyard. It’s cool/creepy to hear them hoot at night. I love it when they do – but it sends chills down my spine each time too. I swear some nights they perch right outside our bedroom window they’re so loud. …we also live so close to the zoo we hear the lions roaring sometimes. owl

From the very first day I received my first stamping kit from my husband, I wanted to use this image. I was completely thrilled to see him as I flipped through the little book of plates. I think he’s just so stink’n cute. I wanted to do his image justice – so I waited till I had a better grip on the whole stamping thing before I gave it a go.

It worked! This has been one of my favorite mani’s to date. He’s perfect for late November!

What do you think – are owls creepy or cool?

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Himalaya
Sinful Colors, Nirvana
Sinful Colors, Snow Me White

Plates Used:
Pueen Cosmetics, PUEEN40

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