Reindeer in the Snow

This is one of my FAVORITE manicures so far. Simple, clean, neutral. I like to call it “Reindeer in the Snow”.reindeer-in-the-snow

Even though the design is simple – it was not simple at all to get this pair onto my nails. I would pick up the image and an antler would be missing. Try again, and a leg would be missing. Then it wouldn’t be as solid as I wanted it. So, after fifteen attempts, rather than just stamping it down on my nail, I covered it with clear top coat and let it dry, creating a decal. Repeat the whole process for the other hand. Very time consuming – but totally worth it!

This was entry number two into the #clairestelle8dec art challenge: Reindeer.

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, White Whip Frost
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Black Heart

Plates Used:
Born Pretty, BP-01

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