Winter Wonderland

snowflakes2This #clairestelle8dec nail art challenge prompt was really hard. It was “Winter Wonderland.” I don’t have a ton of plates yet and I’m really no good at doing freehand work…  It seems like everyone else was submitting these fantastic winter scenes with trees, mountains, deer and they all looked fantastic!  I decided on a multi-layered snowflake look. Maybe it was subliminally another attempt at the first prompt, Snowflakes. Regardless, it turned out okay. A little messy… and I feel like I still need another go at snowflakes to get them just right. January is coming!

Also – has anyone else discovered how hard it is to photograph your own hands? I mean – if you can actually position the camera and capture your hands so it doesn’t look like a creature from Aliens creeping up from the bottom of the screen, then the color is all funky – or it turns out blurry or you don’t get the best part of the design… I think I need to do some research on how to get better nail photos. Any links or advice would be appreciated! Just share below.

Polishes Used:
White: Sinful Nails, Snow Me White
Sinful Colors, Gold Medal
Revlon Parfumerie, Spun Sugar
Sinful Colors, Star Studded

Plates Used:
Born Pretty, BP-01

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