Foil Wrapped Gifts: A Holiday Manicure

This was the next-to-last prompt for the #clairestelle8dec nail art challenge: Gifts. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this mani… except it’s gold! It looks like foil, kind of, doesn’t it?

I realized today how lacking in color my nail designs have been over the last month! I must fix that as soon as possible. Note to self: add more color!These sparkly gold foil looking nails are great for the holidays.

This one turned out super-pretty for as much time as I spent on it. First – I looked through all of my plates for a bow. I had a few, but they all looked like hair bows and had polka-dots (yuck!) on them. They just didn’t seem appropriate. Finally after hours of searching, and a trip to the store to see if I could cheat with some store-bought decals, I found this image:


I was ecstatic to discover I had that same exact stamp in my Pueen collection too! This is the final result! The “Star Studded” over top of the “Gold Medal” polish turned it into something completely different. It looks like gold foil. Very pretty, very gold, and with an adorable classy bow!

Now, to use more color!

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Sinful Colors, Gold Medal
Sinful Colors, Star Studded

Plates Used:
Pueen Cosmetics, PUEEN26

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