Wonderland: My New Year’s Eve Mani

wonderland-giltter-bomb New Year's Eve ManiThis isn’t what I was had intended to do for my New Year’s Eve manicure, but… well, it just seemed to fit. Bright, colorful, sparkly. Since we’re having a party tonight I thought it was appropriate to funk out my nails a little bit. And man! Colored glitter is hard to photograph! This photo does not do it justice at all – it’s color-packed and gorgeous. Magenta, Cyan, and gold flecks.

This is also the last prompt for the #clairestelle8dec nail art challenge: New Year. I am glad I participated, but I’m not sure if I will do so again. I did, however, set up my own personal list of what I want to do with my nails this month. (I’ll get to that in the next post.) I’m hoping I get a bunch of new colors for Christmas. Yes, I know – New Year’s Eve is today. No, we haven’t done our family gift exchange yet. More on that below. Yes – it’s making me crazy.

I had originally intended to use black as the base. Then I was going to use Magenta. Then White… then SILVER! After swatching everything, I finally settled on the white. It really makes the colors in this glitter stand out the most. And – I’ve had this bottle since JUNE and haven’t used it yet. I decided it was finally time. I like it – but I can’t see wearing it on a regular basis. It’s definitely a party polish and out of my comfort zone and will be changing it up shortly…

I am SO excited for tonight. I can’t remember exactly why the five of us decided to wait this long to have Christmas, but I never want to do it again. Usually, our family does weird things and pushes dates around for holiday get togethers to fit everyone’s schedules – but a week late on Christmas? What were we thinking?!

wonderland-giltter-bomb New Year's Eve Mani - it's a glitter bomb!

I decided I just had to get a better photo of this manicure so I finally relented and went out in the cold – but bright – afternoon. Much better, don’t you think?

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, White On
Sinful Colors, Charmed
L.A. Colors Color Craze, Wonderland

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