My Own Nail Art Challenge

I did the #clairestelle8dec nail art challenge last month. It was the first time I’d participated and had a lot of fun with it. However… I kept wanting to do other things with my nails all month long. So, I’ve decided to schedule my own personal challenge of sorts, keeping it open ended and flexible.  I also would like the time to hone in on some specific skills and see if I can replicate what some of the cool things I’m seeing on Pinterest and Instagram.

The best days for me to sit down and have some quiet nail time, is on Sundays and Wednesdays – so those are the days I’ve scheduled the updates to my nails. Hopefully I’ll hit them pretty close.

3 – coffee theme (colors or pattern)
6 – light turquoise/blue and gold
10 – black and white
13 – mauve/pink
17 – blue and silver – think winter!
20 – a natural look, maybe try a  french gradient?
24 – block nails
27 – gold and white
31 – an animal print

This should be interesting! Stay tuned to see what new creations I come up with.

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