Messy Turquoise

turquoiuse messI suppose these look kinda cool, but they are not at all what I had envisioned. This was for my  “turquoise and gold” prompt in my personal nail art challenge and – this is what I was going for:


or even this cool look:


But no. No luck. Every time I sprayed the water marble with rubbing alcohol, the paint would split apart and then glob back together so fast into the messy Jackson Pollock looking blob that ended up on my fingers. And what I’m showing you is my right hand… the left hand (I’m right handed) actually looks even worse. Just like an abstract painting… I’m really not sure what I did wrong. I watched at least a half-dozen YouTubers pull off the look seamlessly… I followed every step. It just didn’t work for me. I should have filmed myself trying to do this. It would have made you laugh.

I did however, get to use the liquid latex my sweet husband got me for Christmas for the first time with this manicure. I didn’t remember I had it until I had completed the right hand and had a huge mess to contend with. My poor cuticles! They really got a bath in acetone last night. Look close and you can still see the residual black polish underneath them… The difference in cleanup between the left and right hand were substantial. In just one use, I see latex’s extreme value to anyone who does water marbling. What I have is just a small bottle of non-mainstream liquid latex and oh my does the stuff stink! But, totally amazing.

So, there’s some good and some bad going on here. Like I said above, I suppose it looks kinda cool, I’m just disappointed it’s not a lighter, lacier look that what I actually obtained. I’ll have to do some more research and testing because I do really like the colors and the way others have made the technique work. I want turquoise nails too!!

Polishes Used:
L.A. Colors, Seafoam
Sinful Colors, Gold Medal
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Black Heart

Other Products:
Graftobian Professional Makeup Liquid Latex

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