Black and White Nails

I could not wait to get my last manicure off my nails. Unfortunately, I simply did not have time to mess with it until this morning… so it was on my nails four whole days longer than I would have preferred. In comparison – I LOVE the way this one looks!! And it’s even a dark color: mostly black even! (Plus, it’ll go with all my outfits this week!)black-and-white

This is for the third manicure in my little nail art challenge – something I made up for myself for the month of January. The prompt was “black and white” and I think I pulled it off this time.

I started out doing all the nails white and changed my mind after getting all the white paint on… and changing to black on the index and pinky finger. I almost did a reverse stamp on the black too, but ultimately decided to leave them alone. I think this look is awesome and may do it again with some other colors. It’s the first time I’ve used this plate (It’s Born Pretty #17) and was worried about the stamp being too dense and looking smudgy or mottled. But, no worries – they all came out perfectly with the exception of my first stamp on my right hand, and it’s not too bad. (I think I tried to go too fast.)

So there you have it! My latest nail look. Do you like it as much as I do? What color should I do this look in next?

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, Tag, Ur It!
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Black Heart

Plates Used:
Born Pretty BP-17

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