Mauve-ish, Right?

So, when I created this little “challenge” for myself, I didn’t realize I didn’t own one single bottle of blatantly mauve-colored finger paint – which is very surprising considering how much I like the color. It was probably this Pin that inspired me:


What a gorgeous creamy color! That would go with my entire wardrobe! It’s so neutral yet flooded with color… but alas! I don’t own it – and after receiving over 40 new colors for Christmas I wasn’t about to go out and buy more… so what’s a girl to do? I pulled out every color even slightly mauve in hue (or with mauve in the name) and started swatching. I even googled “mauve” to make sure I really knew what it was… “a pale bluish purple” was the resounding definition. I knew I had to have something that would be close enough to be called “mauve”. It took about a half-hour of playing around but I found one.

Ultimately, I settled on a mini bottle of a color called “Saturn” I picked up about 15 years ago when I worked at Afterthoughts (now The Icing). Yep, it’s quite old, but I think the color is perfect – especially when topped with the silver. It’s a metallic, shimmery mauve and I almost left it alone and didn’t adulterate with a stamp at all because it’s so pretty – but the silver adds just enough bling to make it mine. Still subtle and work-appropriate, but unique and feminine. So, what do you think? Is it mauve or is it purple – or is it pink?

mauve or purple?

Polishes Used:
Base Coat – Sinful Colors, Basecoat
Revlon Perfumerie, Spun Sugar
Afterthoughts, Saturn
Top Coat – Seche Vite Top Coat

Plates Used:
Pueen 24E-Love Elements

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