Silver & Blue with Striping Tape

silver-and-blue nails with striping tapeI love trying new things with my nails, even if most of the time those new things end up a complete disaster.  This is a technique I’ve been wanting to try for some time; striping tape. so, after long deliberation, I went out and bought some today. I’ve been looking at it on eBay and Amazon for months – but the descriptions on so many of them make me wonder if I’ll get the basic silver and gold I really want – so I’ve held off, even though you can get ten rolls for half the price of one at Sally’s. I digress.

This look took forever. For ever, I tell you, to complete. My inspiration was this video:

She makes it look soooo easy! I assure you, it is not. Paining straight lines with no vinyl strips because you don’t have any? Not easy. Getting those teeny pieces of tape in the right place – and then clipping them to the perfect length so they don’t hang over your nail edge? Not easy at all. Especially when trying to work with my non-dominant left hand on my right hand. You have to go really, really slow and have really good light to make it happen. ARG, the frustration. But the finished product? Love it. Even if the stripes aren’t perfect (because this is my first attempt ever at using striping tape) I still think it looks pretty cute. And, I hope it lasts a while so I can enjoy it for a few days.

This is my “silver and blue” nail design for day 17 of my January self-imposed challenge.

Products Used:
Sinful Colors, Basecoat
Broadway Nails, #19 (Available at Dollar General Stores)
Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Cina Nail Striping Tape, 1/64″ Silver

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