Blocked Nail Art

blocked-nailsI am very pleased with the way this “blocked” manicure turned out. I almost didn’t do these warmer colors because I thought it looked too “autumn” for the middle of winter – but it’s perfect. It’s neutral and gorgeous and will work with all my outfits as well as being subtle enough for the office.

This is also round two with nail tape. It went better, but I still think nail tape is a lot of work. I painted my ring and middle fingers white, the rest of them with L’Oreal’s Julianne’s Nude and then topped them with Seche Vite. Then I went to work with the tape. Then the polish. It took quite a while, but not as long as the last time I used the tape. I think next time I need to use a smaller brush for these teeny spaces. You can’t let the polish dry and then peel off the tape because it leaves a ragged edge – so you have to work fast before everything sets. Not easy to do in the small spaces. But, overall, this came out okay. I did go back and do some touch up with a teeny brush over some bald spots once I had the tape off. And, this is the final look. Totally retro/sixties looking, I think.

Polished Used:
Orly, Bonder
Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
L’Oreal Collection Privee, Julianne’s Nude
L’Oreal Collection Privee, Frieda’s Nude
L’Oreal Collection Privee, Eva’s Nude
L.A. Colors, French Manicure French Cream
Seche Vite, Dry Fast Topcoat

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