The Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat

miracle-matLast week I was cruising through my Instagram feed when I saw that Bliss Kiss was having a sale. A half-off sale. On their new silicone Miracle Mat. In typical Carol fashion I pondered whether I really wanted to spend a whole $10 on this thing. (I don’t part with my money easily.) I had been looking at getting one for some time and had researched them in depth – the Lotus Mat, and Winstonia ‘Mat Like Me’ were two contenders.  I’d even considered getting a Silpat mat as I’d heard it works the same way. But the Bliss Kiss one, had ridges on it, and lots of black and white spots for testing, and sizing charts, and… well, it just looked better. Furthermore, at half-price, it cost less than any of the others. So, with a little encouraging from my husband, I placed an order. And in one week, it was here!

But what IS this silicone mat thing I wanted so badly and why do I want it? It is flexible, foldable, sheet of silicone. Think, Silpat baking sheet without the cords running through it. Nail polish doesn’t “stick” to it the way it does to say, the top of my desk. So, it’s a protector. It also is a great place to do color swatches. For my next post, I’ll be doing a design with five colors in it. Rather than wasting another sheet of parchment paper, I swatched directly on the mat. It made it much easier. I’ll now be able to make decals (the polish peels up in one sheet from the mat) and color in my stamp designs – something I’ve only barely touched on because I hadn’t had the appropriate tools before. So, as you can see, it’s not some uni-tasker thing I desired so dearly. The Miracle Mat is a multi-purpose tool I’ll be using every time I do a fancy manicure.



It was over 24-hours after it arrived before I actually had a chance to sit down and play with it. But once I began, I understood all the hype. It’s soft, flexible, and feels great. I made a huge mess in just one manicure – and worried none about it because i knew my desktop was protected with the mat. As mentioned before, I used it to swatch colors for my multi-colored manicure, and once I was all done, cleanup with an acetone-soaked cotton ball took about three minutes. Then, I rolled it up and tucked it back into it’s box for safe, cat-hair free storage. Take a look at the mess:


All-in-all, after one use, I’m very happy with my purchase. It does everything it says it’s going to do and isn’t going to take up a bunch of space to store.

Where to get your Miracle Mat:
From the Bliss Kiss shop or Amazon

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