February Nail Art Challenge

There are a bunch of options out there when it comes to monthly nail art challenges. I’ve seen at least five different Instagrammers in my feed come up with some pretty intriguing challenges for the month of February so far. I predict the world of nail art is about to be bombed with hearts. Lots and lots of hearts over the next 29 days.

Last month I created my own schedule (I called it a challenge) and experimented with some new nail art techniques. It’s been fun – and educational. I’ve come up with some new, fantastic designs and have LOVED the way some of the techniques worked. (Especially the ombre!) And some, not so much. (Check out the Messy Turquoise post.) My point is, nail art challenges are a great way to step out of a rut and get yourself trying new techniques, colors, and looks on your nails. It totally worked for me anyway.

This month, I’m going to jump on the Nail Art Challenge train again, and give it another go. I’m following @SinfulNailDesigns challenge this time. I’m a little worried I won’t be able to keep up – that’s a lot of painting! But we’ll see. Out of the challenges that have run across my Instagram feed, this one looks the most doable for me. I love the prompts and cannot wait to get started!

Sinfulnaildesigns_challengeAre you interested in joining? It’s easy! All you do is create your design, snap a shot of your masterpiece and then share it on Instagram with the hashtag #SNDFeb16 so it can be found. That’s it! There’s no prize, besides the great feeling of satisfaction as other people admire and like your nails, but that’s okay! It’s fun to see what other people do with the prompts and how they interpret them. So…. here we go!

Are you doing any nail art challenges this month – or have you in the past? What do you like (or not like) about doing them? Tell me below!


Want to see what I did for each of these prompts? Click HERE for an overview.

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