Mint Blue Green Heart Stamped Nails

I am on a mission to find a Tiffany Blue colored nail polish. You know – that every so popular light turquoise-mint color you see in home decor and clothing all over the place right now? I’ve bought more bottles of polish and brought them home, only to discover I’ve again bought the same exact shade of green.  Again. I swear it looks right at the store but then I get it home, and it’s not blue or light enough.

A few weeks ago, I went to a local hardware store and picked out a paint swatch of the aforementioned color to carry around with me and match to bottles of polish. I cut a piece off of it and gave it to my mom – so she could help hunt too. Last weekend she brought me two bottles of what she said matched the swatch. I was skeptical when she showed them to me in the car. When I held them up to the swatch in regular living-room light, they were a little darker, but I thought… maybe. Maybe she’d found it. The most intriguing of the two was Orly Color Blast, Mint Pastel Creme.

So tonight, as I’m trying to decide on a design for my “hearts” prompt in the #SNDFeb16 #NailArtChallenge I remembered the polish. I dashed out to grab it and brought it up to hold under my Ott Light. Sadly, I could tell it was too green even before swatching it. I pulled my Sinful Colors bottle of Mint Apple down, a color I know is too green, and compared it. It’s almost the exact same color. I’m so disappointed. Mint Apple has little glitter sparkles in it and the Mint Pastel Creme does not – and might be a half-shade lighter. This is the fourth failure in my quest. Ahhh well. Maybe next time. I will find it. I will.

I am really not quite ready to start in on the pink-red-white-glitter-Valentine’s Day nails yet but still wanted a hint of the romance in tonight’s design. I decided to go ahead and stick with the Orly. I do like the color, even if it’s not quite what I had hoped for. Along with the white and the subtle heart pattern, it gives a touch of romance without being too overstated. And, the reverse stamp works to add a little interest into the mix. I think this might be my first reverse stamp design. mint blue green heart stamped nailsSo – does anyone out there know where i can find this color??? Revlon Socialite (I know it looks lighter) and Pure Ice Home Run are also this same color. I want lighter and more blue. Like the picture below. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments so I can investigate.

Polishes Used:
Essie, Fill the Gap
Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Orly Color Blast, Mint Pastel Creme
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Plates Used:
Pueen 24E-Love Elements

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