Valentine’s Love Nails

It’s Valentine’s Day today. I have mixed feelings about this “Hallmark Holiday.” Part of me feels like it is a commercially constructed holiday intended to get consumers to buy more stuff. For many singles out there, it’s a day to endure, watching those who have paired up get flowers, candy and other romantic tokens from their love. It’s especially difficult for the high schoolers who get left out of this obnoxious ritual that says “if you don’t do something special for me on Valentine’s Day, you don’t love me.” It reinforces insecurity for so many. The whole holiday is quite frankly, absurd, and I find the whole holiday off-putting for these reasons. But here’s the kicker – I still participate. I still feel the social pressure to do something special for my husband on Valentine’s Day to make sure he knows how completely I love him – so completely, I’ll participate in the posturing brought on by the holiday. Ugh!

But this is a nail blog. not an exposition of how I feel about this holiday – and I’m participating in a nail challenge this month, with one of the prompts falling on today: LOVE. So, here’s my entry:


It’s totally Valentinesy without being a Valentine manicure – because I want to wear it for a few more days than just today. A pretty, bright, sparkly red, stamped with a shiny silver “love” stamp.  I actually have a plate that has a “Happy Valentine’s Day” stamp on it. But, it’s too big to fit on my nails. I had an accident this week and had to take my nails down much shorter than they’ve been in the last few months. 🙁


So there ya have it. So, what do you think? Is it too subtle? Are you a Valentine’s day fan? Let me know in the comments below.

Polishes Used:
Essie, Fill the Gap basecoat
Orly, Crawford’s Wine
Noname mini bottle of silver polish
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Plates Used:
Pueen 24E-Love Elements, Plate 43

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