Wavy Stamped Gradient Nails

green-and-blue-wavesToday, the 18th of February, in Kansas, it was over 70 degrees. It absolutely, 100%, beyond a doubt, feels like Spring. In fact – it’s currently 9:33 PM and I just checked the temp outside. 70 degrees says my phone – 76 says Google! Normally this time of year brings bitter cold and threats of snow. This weather is really unbelievable and as you can see, totally influenced my manicure!

Another semi-exciting thing happened today – Sally’s Beauty Supply launched another clearance sale. Now, I have no business what-so-ever buying even one more bottle of polish, but Sally’s has the “good brands” and I have a personal policy of never paying over $4 for any bottle of polish. (I love Sinful Colors – but that’s another post.) When Sally’s has a sale, that means I have an opportunity to get some high-end polishes for around $2 a bottle. Or less. And their cute little mini bottles of Sally Girl polish – I picked up five of them for just 49 cents each. For accent colors – for colors I know I won’t use very often but are still gorgeous – for colors I’ve coveted on other bloggers – to get “name brand coolness” into my collection – to round out families of colors – this is THE sale for me to fill those needs. I picked up five new big bottles of polish (one of which is the Tiffany Blue I’ve been searching for) along with the five mini bottles – for a total of ten new colors to add to my collection. I’m so thankful I have an understanding husband. I do not have a polish problem. Yet.

Anyway – back to this manicure. I didn’t use a single one of my new colors from today’s shopping spree. I think the weather made me choose the colors! Fresh, bright, Spring colors! The pattern kinda looks like water ripples in a swimming pool – so maybe this is more of a Summer manicure than it is even Spring. I started out with a white base and then sponged on the green and blue and topped it with the white stamp. I love how it turned out even if we’re in the middle of February and it’s completely season-inappropriate! I’m absolutely ready for warmer weather – bring it on!

I completely forgot to mention that this is my #SNDFeb16 Nail Art Challenge entry for “Gradient” on the 20th.

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