Matte Green with a Gold Stamp

A week or so ago, my mother sent me this pic of some green nails she liked and said she wanted me to do them on her.

Now, I don’t have these exact plates to replicate the design, but I do have a couple of greens that were pretty close to this color and plenty of gold polishes to choose from, so I agreed.

The green I used is from Maybelline’s Color Show Vintage Leather collection; Sage Staple. (Thank you Karen Falcon from Beauty Geeks for such a comprehensive review and great photos of this collection!)  It’s one in my collection I hadn’t used yet so once I got a ridge filling base coat down, I opened up the bottle and got started.

The texture of this polish was like none I’d ever encountered before – it was definitely a matte texture, but it had little chunky things in it too, presumably to give it that worn leather look.  It covered pretty well with the first coat but needed a second one to eliminate a few streaks and it dried lighting fast, which was very nice.  And the color is lucious. The more I looked at it the better I liked it. Creamy and rich and  interesting to look at. I am definitely looking for a way to use it on my own nails soon!

Once I was happy with the base, I topped it with a very nice gold – also a polish I hadn’t used previously; Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Gilty Pleasure. It stamped perfectly atop the green matte finish. Once I was done I didn’t want to mess with it but I knew if I didn’t give it a top coat, it would be ruined in a short time – so I topped it with a matte top coat and sealed the tips. Matte polishes don’t last long without chips and this was so pretty, I wanted to give as much longevity to it as I could. Unfortunately, the matte I used wasn’t as matte as the polish so it did take on a little shine to it, but I’m still happy with the overall look. Green-&-Gold

Polishes Used:

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