Red Card Night Nails

Red Card Night NailsI asked my husband to give me a word or two for these nails. He said they made him think about a deck of cards. Funny, that wasn’t really my intention when I set out on tonight’s manicure, but I did use a plate from my Pueen Love collection that has a playing card theme to it… and I was also attempting to stay within the boundaries of the “Red” prompt for the #SNDFeb15 nail art challenge. His assessment is pretty spot-on, don’t you think?This was my first attempt at multi-colored stamped decals. They didn’t turn out too bad, but for a perfectionist, I see so many little things not quite right, these probably won’t last too long here. Plus, my wardrobe doesn’t have a lot of red in it, so this look has a limited amount of tolerance out of the gate. Does anyone else do that? Match their nails to what they’re wearing or is it just me?

Lastly, also have to mention this red polish. It’s Revlon Brilliant Strength #150, Seduce. It’s from the Dollar Tree. It’s fantastic!! Super creamy and had an opaque coverage in just one coat – I find that to be a rare quality in my collection of polishes and was very impressed with it. It also had the flat wide curved brush which made the application super easy. And – the color is perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any patriotic holiday. It’s the perfect “crayola red.” Absolutely love this polish!

Polishes Used:


Revlon Brilliant Strength 150 Seduce: Link HERE

Plates Used:

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