Gray & Black Abstract Art

Gray-&-Black-Abstract-ArtThere are two main reasons I did my nails this way this time around. First and foremost, I had a family funeral to attend in a tiny little town in northeastern Iowa and I felt flashy nails were simply inappropriate. Secondly, I needed to do a color/technique I “didn’t like” for the last prompt on the #SNDFeb16 Nail Art Challenge, “Odd Man Out.” I hadn’t ever used this bottle of gray polish and needed something subdued so I picked it.

Now, I didn’t really know if I liked or didn’t like this gray polish because I hadn’t used it yet – but I did think it was subdued enough to pass for the occasion topped with a black nondescript pattern. I had brought a variety of colors with me (more about that below) but black nails are a little much and I needed to do something quick and simple. This “dove gray” color fit the bill and I was happy enough with it – but going into this mani, I had no idea it was a matte polish. Suprise!! I ended up topping it with Seche Vite to give it shine and seal in the stamping – the only top coat I’d brought with me.

I knew I was going to have to redo my nails while I was there, and hoped I’d get the opportunity to do a few on my cousins and sisters-in-law, or even my aunt and mother-in-law. Luck was with me and I got to do two more manicures over the two days we were in Iowa. (You know, a girl who’s addicted to nail art simply cannot get enough.) I did a purple and white mani on my husband’s cousin (that makes her my cousin, right?) darling wife and the other one was on one of my sister-in-laws. This is soooo appropriate for her because she’s from Florida and is a birder.  Both of the ladies were so patient with me and let me talk and talk and talk about “doing nails.” I had a blast and hope they enjoyed it as much.


Polishes Used:
(Gray Matte) FingerPaints, Beautiful Mystery (Cannot find it for sale anywhere except eBay.)

Plates Used:

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