Blue Smudged and Stamped

Blue-Smudge-and-StampOk, Seriously. I tried the latex and my cuticles are still a blue mess. They don’t look too bad in person – but the micro setting on my camera picked up every bit of staining… <sigh> I guess I need some more practice with the latex – or, maybe a better application process. It does reduce the cleanup by quite a bit. Boy – the mess if I hadn’t used it! I might have scrapped the whole manicure and done something entirely different.

Aside from the cuticle staining, I really like this one. It’s my entry for the #ClaireStelle8Mar #nailartchallenge prompt: blue for March 2nd. It’s a little louder (or maybe a little darker) than I’m accustomed to, but I love these colors. The tealy-blue-green mottled ocean water colors. It makes me wistful for summertime.

So, AFTER applying the latex as close to my nail bed as I could get it, I dropped the three blue polishes onto my primed nails (colors below) and squished it around with a piece of plastic to get the multicolored base. Then, I found a pattern in my Pueen set that looks like a random shattered texture, (Plate  PUEEN45) and used it to stamp with black on top. The final look is very interesting and has a lot of depth to it. Still though, I’m worried to death that my nails will be a stained disaster when I take this off. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned with acetone and a small brush but that didn’t seem to help my cuticles much. Guess I should just enjoy it while it’s on, eh?

Does anyone have any great ways to avoid this in the future? The pros make the latex and cleanup look so very easy on Instagram. What am I missing? Let me know below if you have any techniques to share.

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