Nail Art Challenge for March 2016

Here is the latest nail art challenge I’ve found to participate in:

clairestelle8mar nail art challenge for 2016Oh how I wish I had more time in a day! There are so many gorgeous nail techniques I want to try and I just don’t have time. I’m so glad there are some ladies out there who are willing to put on nail art challenges – it allows me to focus my energies on one thing at a time and create looks I might never do otherwise.

I’ve checked out all of the available nail art challenges for this month and have decided to go with #Clairestelle8Mar challenge. The prompts seem to suit me the best and are broad enough for some interesting creativity. She has some 61k followers on Instagram too, so this is no small challenge…

I love looking at what others do for these challenges – and some of the women who do nail art take on four and five different challenges at once! I don’t see how they do it, even with some overlap between them.

Annnnnyway, I’m attacking this one. I’m already behind because of the little excursion we took to Iowa this week – but that’s okay – I’ll get caught up shortly. How about you? Do you do more than one nail art challenge at a time? If so, how do you keep up?

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