Sporty Gray Nails aka Sweatpant Nails

Today’s nails are entirely inspired by the #ClaireStelle8Mar #nailartchallenge. The prompt is “Sports.” I am probably the most un-sporty person in the United States. There are only two times I pay attention to any sport. One is if one of our local teams is doing something super-amazing – like last year when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. I thought that was pretty cool – but I didn’t really make that big of a deal out of it. I was excited for like, five minutes and then went on to something else.

The only other time a sport can truly capture my attention is when the Olympic Ice Skating is on – that, I can watch for hours. I think it’s because ice skating is so closely related to dancing, and I love to watch dancers. But that’s on what, every four years? So yeah, I’m not much of a sports person and that made this prompt really difficult for me.

After hours of searching Google, Instagram and Pinterest for “Sports Nails” to gain some inspiration, I had an epiphany – sweatpants! Yes, that’s right. What is more sporty than that “sport gray” found on t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, sweatbands, and sport accessories? That, I could do on my nails! So, here it is!

sporty gray jersey nails

So I started with a white base after a basecoat. I just did one coat and it was a little streaky but I knew I was going to be covering it up so I didn’t worry about it. I then painted my nails with a latex barrier around the cuticle to save some time on cleanup. Then, I cut up a plastic Walgreens bag and scrunched it up and dipped it into a light gray polish and dabbed it on my nails. I felt a few of them were a little heavy on the gray, so I went back over them with white in the same manner.

Once they were done and dry,  I added a bit of tape to the design to mimic the “sport stripe” that is on the sides of most runners pants and to give it a little extra “sports” flair. I finished it off with a good topcoat. Overall, I think this works perfectly with the prompt “sports” seeing as I don’t own a single stamping plate with a sports related image on it and am no good at freehand. Better yet, I think this is a design I’ll be able to wear for a few days.

Polishes Used:
Sinful Colors, 902 Basecoat
ally Hansen Insta-Dri, 420 Tag Ur It
Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, 841 Somber Bliss
eche Vite, Dry Fast Top Coat

Products Used:
Graftobian Liquid Latex
Stiping Tape


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