Green St. Patrick Smooshy Mosaic Manicure

It’s five days till St. Patrick’s Day. Green is my favorite color. AND, for Christmas, my mom got me a super cool set of green polishes from KleanColor I’ve been patiently waiting to try out. I don’t know about you but for me, January and February just don’t feel like “green” months with the dreary cold days and the Valentine holiday stuck in there. As the weather has started to warm up and the grass is greening up, I decided today it’s time to use this beautiful polish set.


I figured out how to use a bunch of them at once; I did a “smooshie manicure” aka “saran wrap manicure.” I’ve done these before but this time I wanted it to look like a mosaic pattern for the #ClaireStelle8Mar nail art challenge I’ve joined in and topped it with a pattern I hope is mosaic-enough to pass snuff with the contributors in the challenge. I don’t have any true mosaic patterns in my collection yet.

This was a fairly quick and easy manicure – thank you to the liquid latex I used. (There is a link below.) I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start to use the latex – it makes cleanup soooo much faster. I applied it twice this manicure – once before smooshing and once before stamping. Super great product and absolutely worth every penny. But that’s another blog post. Cleanup was just a few minutes instead of almost an hour with residual staining left behind. Love this stuff!

The colors I used out of this set are; 121 Mystic Grass, 109 Green Grass, 103 TLC, and 12 Melon Green. The melon green is super pretty on my nails – it’s the one that has the sparkles in it. I would have never thought looking at the bottle it was such a pretty color – but I plan on using this one again soon. It has an iridescent quality to it I really like. I had intended to use 118 Jazz Olive, as the stamp on top, but it wasn’t opaque enough so I ended up using a white instead.


I love how this mani came out – it’s so happy and full of “pop” I can’t help but smile when I see it. I’m going to hate to take it off.

Polishes Used:

The white I used was from this set:

Products Used:

Plate #49 from this Pueen set:

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