Sinful Colors San Francisco Green Dipped Nails

As I’ve been doing my nails for St. Patrick’s Day this week, I’ve discovered I don’t have any deep dark greens – lots of bright springy greens, but nothing with any depth to it. Yesterday, I took my lunch break and headed over to one of the Walgreens in town to check out their Sinful Nails colors, with hope that there’d still be a few polishes left from their “ShamRock Out” collection.  I was in LUCK! I found this San Francisco color with is absolutely beautiful. Sinful Nails describes it as a pearly evergreen shade on their website. I think it’s a deep shimmery Emerald color. Regardless, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot with this polish and was super excited to to my nails with it.

Sinful Colors San-Francisco_283_Bottle

Gorgeous. I want to go swimming in this color it’s so pretty! Something funny – I distinctly remember saying how I absolutely did not feel comfortable wearing green last year on my nails and couldn’t wait to get it off. Not this year and not with this color! I’m completely comfortable in this manicure and couldn’t be happier with the color. I wish I had more green to wear so I could wear it longer. (I have this thing about my manicures matching my outfits. Is it just me?)

My inspiration for this look came from a short 15 second video on Instagram where someone had painted silver as their base and was topping it with various shades of creamy pastels in the same manner. I was struck by how elegant and how easy this look was and I knew immediately I was going to do this with the San Francisco green and a gold.

I only used one coat of the gold because I didn’t want this to get too thick and goopy – and I knew it was going to take two coats of the green to cover it completely since I’d swatched it out on my Miracle Mat already. I did the whole thing freehand, which scared me a bit but I just went slow and it all worked out just fine.

Sinful colors San Francisco Dipped in green reverse french mani for St. Patrick's Day

Isn’t that the richest most scrumptious color of green ever?! Love it – especially framed with the gold. This is my first reverse french manicure, but now that I’ve done it, I can assure you it won’t be the last one you see show up on this blog!

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