Green and Gold Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Nails

I had intended on something very different for my St. Patrick’s Day nails, but it just wasn’t meant to me. My husband and I are in the throes of house hunting and found a pretty spectacular gem last night which we proceeded to stay at for an hour and a half – eating up all my nail time. 🙁 So, I ended up doing something not nearly as exquisite as I had planned for the holiday – in fact, this was just a quick on-and-off so I’d have and entry for the #ClaireStelle8Mar Nail Art Challenge.

green and gold St. Patrick's Day manicure

I still love this color.

I still think it’s the prettiest green ever. (That is, till I find the next prettiest green ever.)

I did two solid coats with the green and topped just my accent nail with this pretty glittery gold I picked up around Christmas – it’s got a variation of gold colored flecks in it and is super sparkly and I found it completely appropriate considering the abundance of overkill on this holiday.

I know it’s simple, but this is a great embodiment of St. Patrick’s Day; green and gold and sparkles. And have I mentioned – I’ve worn green every day this week?! Not just on my nails – but green clothing too. I’m wondering what they’re thinking about me at work. (Maybe that my wardrobe has a lot of green in it?) I didn’t realize I owned that many green shirts!! I guess I’ve just been in the mood for it all week long… but, Easter is next weekend and I’m excited about some pastel colors for my nails and even have plans to try the “speckled egg” nails next week.


Polishes Used:

Essie, Fill the Gap
Sinful Nails, San Francisco
Pure Ice, Studette

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