Flying Golden Butterflies Manicure

Aside from the #ClaireStelle8Mar prompt for today: Flying, here’s my inspiration for this manicure. I love this look and I even have this exact plate – I thought if I changed the color to blue (for “sky”) it would give it a whole new look. It did, however, I don’t think I chose a very good gold – it basically disappears into the design. It took about 3,295 photos to get one semi-decent one that shows there are actually butterflies stamped into this design. Plus, I discovered too late, my nail plate is not nearly big enough to hold the whole design she has on her ring finger. 🙁

Saran Wrap Mani with stamping by Boombastic Nails
Saran Wrap Mani with stamping by Boombastic Nails. Click image to visit her page!

And, here’s how mine came out. I changed to a different design on the plate as soon as I saw the disappearing act the butterflies were pulling. The background is a lot softer and looks more like an overcast gray rainy day than springtime – but you know what?! I really like this. Really, really like it. These colors are beautiful together and suit my personality, as well as my wardrobe, quite well.

Fluttery golden butterfly manicure - great for springtime!

Here’s a more accurate color representation, shot in the sunlight – but it doesn’t show the gold butterflies as well. (It’s also my right hand.)

Flying golden butterfly manicure - great for springtime!

So, I’ll have to try this look again with a different gold. This one works – but would probably be better on a solid background, rather than a mottled multicolored one.

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