Sparkly Pink Easter Nails

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day today. I wanted to share something really cool and Easter related I just found on Instagram:

And here’s my finished Easter Egg…. Well for now as I may add on more details tomorrow depending on how I feel. For the rose and teapot images I stamper those on using 2 nail art stamping plates from @moyra_nailpolish ( moments plate 14 and Vintage plate 05 ). Used @uberchicbeauty ‘s Xl Clear Stamper to stamp onto the egg shell. I filled in the images with sheer polishes I made. The black lines i painted on with acrylic paint and used the no.10 pure nails paint brush. Used a dotting tool to dot on black dots. 💜🐤💜🐤💜🐤💜 As mentioned in my previous post I used a raw egg that I hollow out and cleaned. Then applied 2 coats of clear coat to the entire egg shell before painting. I think it looks great and I’m very happy with it.

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So, for if you’re as in love with stamping as I am, this may be what you want to do with your eggs next year! I cannot imagine how much time this took. It’s perfect!

Anyway – onto my Easter nail art!

I seem to be developing a pattern of color choices for my nails. I go all soft and pretty, then I do something bright and loud. Then, back to feminine and sweet and then onto something funky and bold. The hot pink polish from the last mani didn’t last long at all. I felt totally uncomfortable in it and only wore it for one day. Of course, I wish I had time to do my nails every day, as do many of us. I’d change colors and looks on a whim. But it takes me on average an hour and a half to do my nails and lately as I’ve been working into some more advanced techniques, two and three hours by the time I’ve cleaned up and put everything away. This one took a good two hours.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I settled in for this manicure. I knew I wanted pastel colors and I was sure I wanted some Easter sparkle. I swatched several pinks and dug through all my plates and settled on doing a pink ombre, stamped with white flowers, and topped with an irridescent glitter. I’m a little disappointed you can’t make out the flowers better but the finished look is absolutely perfect for Easter!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – this is my last entry for the #ClaireStelle8Mar nail art challenge for the Month of March. #easter is the prompt.

Polishes Used:
Base Coat – Sinful Colors, First In Line Basecoat
Lightest Pink – Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, In the Flesh #839
Midtone Pink – Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hard-core Party #160
Darkest Pink – Lancome, Vernis In Love 300M
White – Sally Hansen – Insta-Dri, Tag Ur It #420
Sparkle Topcoat – China Glaze, Snow Globe #842
Fast Dry Top Coat – Seche Vite

Products Used:
Graftobian Liquid Latex
Pueen Love Elements, Plate #31

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