Deep Sea Jellyfish Manicure

I usually like what I do on my nails, but it’s rare when I totally love a design I’ve done.  I am going to to have a terrible time taking off this jellyfish manicure when the time comes. It’s just so gosh darn cute!!

Last month, I ordered the Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Collection plates. I have been looking at what other people have done with the set and wishing I had it for a hundred different reasons – plus, it’s got that ever-so-popular mermaid / fish scale pattern on one of the plates. I had to have it!

So we’ve had Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter AND April Fool’s Day all since the set arrived in my mail box. Every time I’ve gotten ready to do a new manicure over the last two months, I’ve wistfully looked through the set and decided none of the images are quite right for this time around. But not this time!! The #ClaireStelle8April challenge prompt was “water” today and I knew my opportunity had finally arrived! So I sat down with just these ten plates and started deciding. It only took an hour to figure out what I wanted to do – there are so many cool nautical images in this set and I have a couple dozen blue, green, and brown polish options and about a bazillion combination choices! As you know, I settled on the jellyfish as the featured image. (I almost went with the sea horse.)

I started with the easy stuff – base coat followed with the thumb, index and pinkie nails in this gorgeous blue-green color shifting polish. It makes me thing of the dark waters of the deep ocean. Then I went back and did my middle and ring finger with white. After that, I did a single thin coat of the glitter on my middle fingers and then set to stamping the jellyfish. I used two different colors for him to give it a bit of interest – a mint green and a dark teal. I put tiny dabs of paint on the plate and then scraped at an angle to blend them together a little. I attempted to use my clear jelly stamper to pick it up but I couldn’t get it to work at all – so I switched over to my squishy one, which worked perfectly. 🙂 Once I had the jellyfish on I did a quick application of latex on just my middle fingers and went back with a sponge and added some more glitter to my nail to give it the gradient look. After that, I did the cleanup with a small brush and acetone (there wasn’t much mess with this one) and sealed it all in with topcoat.

Here’s the final product:

I love this design!

Polishes Used:

Sally Girl, Brainy (discontinued but might find some HERE)
Orly, Mint Pastel Cream (might find HERE)

Products Used:

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