Neon Painted Jelly Flowers

This manicure is entirely inspired by the nail art challenge I’m partaking in: #ClaireStelle8April. You see, I don’t wear neons. I don’t even like neons – probably has something to do with a good part of my childhood being in the eighties. Maybe it has something to do with being forty. Maybe it’s because I don’t think they look good with my skintone. Whatever it is, I really don’t feel comfortable in them at all. And, I don’t want someone to look at my nails because they’re bright and caught their attention. I want them to look at them because they’re pretty and have cool artwork on them and look great. So, as you can imagine I’m not ever going to buy a bottle of neon polish on my own volition. Thank goodness my friend Katie gave me a bundle of her old polishes a few months ago before she moved away to Kansas City! Luckily for me, that gift contained a few really bright colors. Maybe not true neon, but bright enough to classify as such in my book.

So last night, as I’m trying to come up with something for this Neon prompt, I started swatching some of the brighter polishes. I discovered two really cool polishes Katie gave me. I did a little research on them and OMG the finish on these is so pretty! On a side note, I have been wanting to get the Color Paints collection by OPI for some time – these two OPI polishes have that same jelly, translucent, sheer, squishy look to them. (Google as a bazillion swatches if you want to see them alone and with multiple layers.) I discovered one coat makes it look like watercolor. And so it was decided.

Bright jelly neon tropical flower nail art design

I started out with two coats of white on all my nails. After a basecoat, of course. Then I did the stamping in black. I wanted the black to be good and dry, so then I did one coat of the pink on my thumb, index and pinkie fingers. Once it was dry, I dabbed a little onto the clean stamping plate and used a tiny brush and filled in half the flowers. Then i switched to the purple and did the same. For the green, I dabbed it on the plate and added some clear polish to it, hoping to achieve the same jelly look – no luck, but it did lighten it a bit. I filled in all the leaves with the green. After that the whole thing got sealed in with topcoat.

I think this nail art looks like a hand-painted flower explosion. You can see the brush strokes and the translucence of the polish. It’s tropical and fun – but still not me. It’s so very bright – even being just one coat. I totally love the formula, I just don’t feel comfortable in the colors. I hope I’ll feel differently once the temperature outside starts to rise and summer actually happens because these are two really cool polishes!

Polishes Used:
Basecoat: Orly, Bonder
White: Sally Hansen, Tag Ur It
Black: Sally Hansen, Black Heart
Pink: OPI, Guy Meets Gal-Veston
Purple: OPI, Houston We Have A Purple
Green: Color Club, London Calling
Topcoat: Seche Vite, Fast Dry Topcoat

Products Used:
Plate W310 from Winstonia Third Generation Plate Set

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