Swatch: Attention by Afterthoughts Attitudes

This is a really old bottle of polish I acquired during my years as a manager at Afterthoughts. I’m sure it was on the clearance rack when I picked it up – in fact, I’d bet it was in a 10 for $10 sale. As old as it is, with a good shake an it’s as good as new. It’s not thick and clumpy at all! …of course, that might have something to do with the fact that I very rarely open this bottle. I don’t know much about the lines of polish Afterthoughts (now The Icing) had back then – I wasn’t into polish at all and probably picked this up because I needed to fill out my ten items and thought the color was cool.

The Color & Finish:
I honestly do not know how to categorize this polish. Pearl, sheer, shimmer, duo-chrome – they all work here. This is a very sheer pink polish with a green shimmer. It almost has an opalescent or pearl look – but not quite. There’s definitely shimmer in it and it’s a distinctly green shimmer. You can sort of see the pink on my index finger in the photo below. When I move my fingers just right, the green completely disappears and a pink iridescent remains. The iridescent quality of the green is really hard to capture and this photo kind of diminishes it’s true glory.

Pairs With:
I tried stamping on top of it with a lime green and white – neither showed up well at all. 🙁 I think a darker, richer color may be in order if one wanted to pair it with another color. A dark pink or green would probably do the trick – but black would be too overpowering. However, I think this polish stands quite well on it’s own as well.

One last note; I think this polish would look best if it were on top of a white base. I fully believe it would make the colors pop a lot more and bring out this polish’s true glory and demand some attention. Hahaha! See what I did there?


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