Swatch: Orly Ingenue

Love this jelly duochrome polish, called Ingenue, by Orly! I’ve never worn a duochrome like this before and chose this because I wanted to pay a small tribute to Prince. (He died yesterday.) I’m not a gigantic fan of Prince, but I believe he was a musical genius. My quiet salute to him was just a way for me to say goodbye to another great artist from my childhood. As I was digging around in my “un-trieds” pile, I found this polish and knew it was perfect.

The Color & Finish:
This is three coats. Inside and in dimmer lighting, it absolutely looks coppery. Bright light and the purple explodes and the sparkle intensifies. It’s so cool. Prince was like that with his music. Unexpected spectacularity hiding inside waiting to erupt. I did top this with Seche Vite just to make sure it stayed put for more than one day. It did. It lasted four before I decided I was tired of it and took it off. No chips. 🙂  The formula is so different from other polishes I own and have tried. It’s this jelly translucent base (really, it looks like grape jelly) with this powerful bronzy glitter in it. I almost didn’t go with the third coat because the purple is obscured so much by the glitter. It’s just cool. I wish I had more in this line of polish. I’ll be on the lookout for sure.

On a side note, “ingenue” means “an innocent or unsophisticated young woman.” I can’t quite figure out how this polish was given that name. This is probably the most sophisticated polish I own!

Orly, Ingenue nail polish

If you would like to pick up a bottle for yourself you can find it HERE.

Have you tried any of these jelly-glitter-duochrome polishes before? Do you like them?

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