Iridescent Iguana Nails?

So how do you get Iguana Nails? Read on let me tell you!

As is what usually happens, this manicure didn’t exactly turn out the way I envisioned. I wanted a blue-green base (got it) topped with a lighter spring-green floral stamp (didn’t show up) and sealed in with a sparkle (got it). Since the light green was so light I decided to go over it with a white stamp. It obscured the green stamp entirely and gave my nails a whole new look – not at all what I’d expected to end up with. But you know what? I like it. I can’t quit staring at the sparkles. I’m entranced.


If he is here, my husband almost always asks to see my nails upon completion. I can’t decide if he’s being nice because I work so hard at them and love doing them, or really thinks this hobby is a bit silly but doesn’t want to hurt me, or if he genuinely thinks they’re cool. (He buys me nail stuff and has never said anything derogatory about them, so it’s probably the latter.) Whatever the case, he’s being a good husband by looking at them and telling they look cool, most of the time. Last night, when I showed him this one, he said “they look like lizard nails!” …Not exactly the look I was going for. But I can see where he gets it. The leaf pattern in the stamp does kinda look like scaly lizard skin. I actually think lizards are pretty cool so far as a reptile goes, so I can take it as a compliment. The glitter seals the deal.



So, there you have it. Iguana Nails. So has anyone ever told you your nails look like something completely unexpected?

Polishes Used:

Base: Essie, Fill the Gap
Green: Sally Girl ,TTFN-812032
White: Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Glitter Top: China Glaze, Snow Globe
Top: Seche Vite, Fast Dry Topcoat

Products Used:
Graftobian Liquid Latex
Plate W315 from Winstonia Third Generation Plate Set

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