May Nail Art Challenge

Another month, another nail art challenge! This one is going to be particularly difficult for me to complete. We have a lot going on this month – starting with a big move – which will cause a lot of upheaval of our everyday lives. (And my nail routine.)

It’s a month out before the big move date and I’m already feeling the stress. If you’ve ever moved, you know the worries: Is it too soon to start packing this room? I can’t forget about transferring the utilities! I should probably put together a box of stuff we are going to need straight away. Do I have enough bubble wrap for all of our plates, glasses, and stemware? We’re never going to be ready. And then there is all the settling into the new house and the new routines and so forth to look forward too… Anyway, I might have to sacrifice a few of these to make sure this move happens as smoothly as possible and everything needing to get done, does.

So why do a challenge at all? I love the prompts. I love the community. I love the creative challenge it gives me. 🙂 And, it gives me an excuse to paint my nails, which I absolutely enjoy doing.

Here is the challenge I chose for this month. (I’ve seen three or four good ones but this is not the month to tackle more than one at once. I’ve seen you ladies out there who do. Goodness you’re ambitious!) Claire seems to do a good job of picking out prompts that allow a lot of personal freedom. I keep going back to her challenges because of this reason. Halloween in May looks particularly interesting!!

Clairestelle8may May Nail Art Challenge

And – we’re off! Look for a post soon for the first prompt of hearts. Take a look HERE to see what others have been doing in the name of #ClaireStelle8May. If you want to see what I’ve been doing, check HERE.

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