Seahorse Nails in Coral

I bought a bottle of polish so I could do this manicure. I don’t own aaaannnny coral at all.  (You’d think with about 150 bottles I’d have something at least close. Nope.) I almost skipped this prompt because of my lack of appropriate color – but then I looked on Sinful Colors website and saw a pretty “Island Coral” I thought would be nice in my collection and decided to go ahead with it and off to Walgreens I went. You know what – they were out of it. 🙁 Serious bummer. It’s part of the regular collection so I was very disappointed.

An hour or so later I found myself at Big Lots rummaging through their polish pile. I found a color almost identical to the Island Coral and snatched it right up! It’s by Revlon and called “Provoke”. It’s a tad bit lighter than my intended color and I think I probably like it better. 🙂

Once I got home with my polish I had to decide exactly what to do with it. Coral is a very popular color in fashion right now so the possibilities were endless. I deeply contemplated attempting a water marble again because it’s been so long but I ended up doing another “water themed” manicure with the cool stickers I got from the Born Pretty store to test out. Again, they did not disappoint – they were soooo easy to apply and look fantastic on my nails! I think I might just keep this mani for a few days! Here is a link to the other mani I did with these stickers.


To achieve this look, I laid down a basecoat, then painted all but my middle finger with the coral and did it in a pearlescent white. I let it dry completely then added the stickers to my ring finger. I totally love the little seahorse!! He’s super cute! The coral worked perfectly down in the corner of my nail. Once the stickers were down, I stamped the fish and then the rest of my nails. Once it was all set, I sealed it in with a top coat and then did the little bit of cleanup around my cuticles with a small brush. That’s it! Not hard at all to achieve. Totally summery and fun.

I almost forgot to mention about the whole reason I wanted to do this at all – the #ClaireStelle8May nail art challenge, of course! If you are participating in it, please share with me what you did for this prompt!

Polishes Used:
Basecoat: Sinful Colors, Basecoat
Coral: Revlon, Provoke
Pearl: Revlon, Allure
White: Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
Topcoat: Seche Vite, Fast Dry Topcoat

Products Used:
Bundle Monster Sunkissed Collection Plate 501
orn Pretty: Sea Horse 3D Nail Art Stickers Shell Starfish Nail Decals

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