Memorial Day Patriotic Nails

For today, I wanted to do something special in the spirit of Memorial Day, but I didn’t feel as if this holiday demands the bling and brightness the Fourth of July does. Memorial Day is a day for honor and respect to those who have died serving our country. Therefore, it should be subdued and respectful, yet patriotic.

I spent quite some time swatching blues, looking for the perfect palette that would fit this bill. Amercianna without sparkle and pomp – that’ll come soon enough! Then, I flipped through all of my stamping plates – and found the perfect star design in my Pueen collection (Plate Pueen44). I ended up using it to create a decal for each of my accent nails. I’m very happy with the overall look:


Something I want to point out that I’ve learned with this manicure, is how important it is when you are topcoating, to use a really good amount of polish and go over your design ONE TIME only – if you swipe across a second time, it’ll smear it. If you look hard, you’ll see the streaks in the star. 🙁 Regardless, I’m still thrilled with the way this mani came out.

I love holidays and I love being able to play with nail art designs for the various special days on our calendar. If I’d had time, I would have done more patriotic designs throughout the week, but since we are moving in TWO DAYS I just haven’t been able to carve out the time. It’s an exciting, busy time in our lives! And Fourth of July will be here before we know it. If I’m settled enough you can be assured I’ll be doing some fun things with my nails for the week leading up to the holiday!

Oh, one last thing. This is going to be my final entry for the #ClaireStelle8May nail art challenge: a mani never posted before. 😉

Polishes Used:
Basecoat: Sinful Colors, Basecoat
Blue: NYC, Skyline Blue (three coats)
White: Sally Hansen: Sheer Bliss (three coats)
Red: Sally Hansen, Dig Fig
Topcoat: Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri

Plates Used:
#44 from this set:

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