Simply Sweet in Pink and Silver

It has simply been a really, really long 18 days. As mentioned previously, we are moving. Now, we have moved. I see why people hate it so much. It’s disruptive on every level. It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. And it takes forever to get things back into any kind of routine and order. We are not unpacked all the way and there is still a lot of work to do, but we are in. We are functioning. I am cooking meals – which is wonderful and a huge step back to “normal” in our world!

I’ve really missed doing my nails. For the first two weeks, I just painted them clear and left them alone. I felt naked the whole time but I knew without a doubt that I couldn’t spare a minute to mess with them. A few days ago, once the majority of the move was over, I cut them short and painted them a light, neutral color with no nail art – and left that on until today: the first day I’ve had to myself all month long. 🙂

Along with my nails, I’ve cleaned, taken care of dinner with a crockpot, gone to the grocery store, showered, done laundry and unpacked a few more boxes amongst a litany of other little things. It feels good to get back into doing the normal things of life. I’m dearly hoping the hubbs and I can go for a walk tonight too – we’re near a huge, gorgeous park with lots of walking trails and we are excited to start using them. Just haven’t gotten around to it quite yet. Maybe tonight!

Because I am afraid my time is still somewhat limited, I decided to do a combinations of colors that will hold up to some wear and tear and not look too bad if I can’t change it up right away. I usually update my nails every three to four days – I think it may be five or six this week, but then things should begin to settle back into a regular routine. At least for a while. I’m very much looking forward to doing some red-white-blue looks leading up to the Fourth of July in the next ten days or so.

Today though, I chose a pink sparkly base with a matching silver stamp. Simple, yet enough to make me feel pretty and that my nails are “done.” Plus, this look won’t clash with anything too badly, which is always nice! So, here it is:

Simply Pink-Summer

Wow it sparkles in the sunshine! Here’s a shot in the shade so you can see the pattern better:


And that’s it! On to get more things done with my first free Saturday in what feels like forever!

What do you do when you have no time to do your nails? Does it drive you crazy? Do you do something special when you do finally find time again? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Polishes Used:
Basecoat: Essie, Fill the Gap
Pink: Sally Girl, Chic (discontinued)
Silver: Revlon, Magnetize
op Coat: Seche Vite, Fast Dry Top Coat

Other Products Used:
Stamp Plate: Winstonia Third Generation, Plate W318
Graftobian Liquid Latex

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