So I’ve been off for a few weeks, not doing anything fancy to my nails. Here’s why:


I am proud to introduce our son! Isn’t he the most gorgeous baby?!! Anyway – we are about four weeks in and things are starting to settle down. 🙂 It’s been a lot of long nights and feeling more tired than I have ever felt in my life – but worth every second of it. This little guy has stolen my heart completely and become my whole world. Words can’t even describe how much I love him. <3

So. Nails. I have very much missed doing nail art over the last several months. Right before baby showed up, we moved. Talk about disruptive to any kind of schedule and not having time to do anything with your nails! It’s been quite a summer. And now that the cooler weather is almost here, and things are settling down a bit, I am thrilled to see this nail art challenge pop up:

September nail art challenge

EEEEEeeek! Owls! I’m so excited about the first prompt! Yay! I have a nail plate with an owl on it I think I’ve used only once before and that was sometime last fall when I’d just started out. Can’t wait to get started!


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