By the Sea Nails: Starfish

So. I absolutely was not feeling “Tropical” nails or “Watermelon” nails this week for the #ClaireStelle8Sep nail art challenge and totally skipped those prompts. It’s fall in Kansas. We are going through a rainy patch and the daily temperature isn’t reaching into the 90’s anymore. Leaves are starting to change and pumpkin spice is everywhere. I just couldn’t do it. Bright tropical flowers – and watermelon, a July favorite – are long gone around here. So I did my own thing. And I baked. Pumpkin and chocolate muffins and pumpkin spice bars. And made chili!

Today’s prompt, “By the Sea” I finagled a more autumny look out of. Again, not feeling the water theme as all the pools are closed and swimsuits packed away, I used a brown base (sand) and stamped silver starfish on it. I think it came out just the way I like my nails – simple, clean, neutral, and understated. If you’ve read much of this blog, you know that’s my thing – and, in my forties, I feel it’s more appropriate than blazing bright nails. Just my thing. Sometimes I wish I had the moxy to wear the brighter stuff more often.


My other excuse for not doing the previous two prompts is this: baby. He takes up a LOT of my extra time. (Absolutely NOT complaining though!) Even this simple mani I had to do in two different sittings because of a bottle call. I think maybe I was a bit overzealous in my thinking that I could knock out all the prompts on this list this month. 🙂

Polishes Used:
Basecoat: Essie, Fill the Gap
Brown: Pure Ice, Risk Taker (discontinued color, may find HERE.)
Silver: Revlon, Spun Sugar
Topcoat: Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat

Other Products Used:
Bundle Monster Sunkissed Collection, Plate BM-503

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