New Born Pretty Stamping Plates!

Do you know about Born Pretty Store? If you love nail art, you’ve probably heard of them and been on their website. They have eeeeverything you might want to do your nails from every kind of polish and decals, to stamping supplies, tools, and studs. It’s overwhelming when you visit there are so many cool items to choose from – and the prices are fantastic. They also carry makeup and fashion accessories, clothing, toys and stationery. Check them out HERE if you haven’t visited before – once you’re done reading about what they sent me to share with you! (The one drawback is they are located overseas, so you have to be patient while you wait for your order to arrive.)

A while back, they contacted me and asked me if I was ready to do another review for them. Of course I told them yes without hesitation. They allowed me to pick out a few items in some very specific categories for a small amount of money. I was thrilled to see the stamping plates as one of the categories and it took me three days to narrow down the choices and make my selection. (So many to choose from!) I wrote them back with my choices and about three weeks later, they were here!

BP-6051 and BPL-026 Stamping Plates from Born Pretty Store
BPL-026 and BP-L051 Stamping Plates from Born Pretty Store

I was surprised at how sturdy they were and how durable and strong they felt. The etchings were nice and deep and the details were delicate and abundant. After travelling so far in a teeny little bubble pack, there was absolutely no damage to any of my items. I couldn’t wait to dig in and try them all. The two plates I chose were BP-L051 which was the mandala one, and BPL-026 which had the leaves on it. (Click the links to see the price and details on those.)

Below  is what I ended up doing with them. First up, was the plate with the leaves on it. It was rather late into the fall season and almost Thanksgiving when I tackled the first plate. I wanted something that reflected the season but, being a new mother and all, I needed it to last for while – and not look to bad if it did start to get some wear before I got back to redoing my nails. Neutrals are my thing, so that’s what I ended up going with.


For the second plate, I wanted something more dramatic and promised myself I would get around to doing my nails soon as they began to show some wear. (I didn’t. Motherhood is time-demanding I tell you!) I loved the design with the cool dark blue background that sets off the gold and white.

mandala1 mandala2

I LOVE these two plates and will be using them over and over and over in my nail art manicures. Everything about them is great. They are strong, the designs transfer well, and they look great!

Up next will be one more review of the water decals they sent me to review as well – but I have to get through a surgery and recovery before that happens so it will be a few days.

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Happy New Year everyone!

Products Used:
BORN PRETTY 12*6cm Rectangle Stamping Template Floral Design Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-L051
Flower Vine Nail Art Stamp Template Leaves Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP-L026 12.5 x 6.5cm

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