My collection is quite small by long-time blogger standards, but it’s steadily growing. I’ve vowed to stop purchasing additional polishes until I try every last one of the ones I haven’t yet used. (Yeah, right.) I have a personal policy to not purchase any bottle of polish unless it is $4 or less. Of course that means I rarely am acquiring the latest batch of new seasonal colors – but that’s okay. I’ve never been one to follow fashion trends. I buy polish because I like the color and I’m going to wear it. Not because it’s the newest thing.

Because of my $4 policy, I am naturally a huge fan of Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen. I also have no shame visiting Sally’s monthly clearance sales or taking cast-offs from friends or rummaging around in clearance racks. I love polish but thriftiness runs thick in my blood so I just don’t go for the expensive stuff. (No matter how amazing it is.) If there is a polish I must have, it goes on a wish list. Additionally, my friends and family know I love polish and gift me regularly. I love that they do this!! It allows me to step out of my comfort zone and try colors I wouldn’t buy on my own. Sometimes this is a disaster, but sometimes it’s beautiful.

I keep track of my polish and wish list in a Google Doc file here. I’m slowly working my way through doing swatches of my entire collection. (I just started in April of 2016.) You can check them all out on my Swatches page.

I store my polish on a wooden antique shelf my mother gave me. The rest of my supplies are taking up an entire desk drawer but are about to find a new home. Photos soon!